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Below is a table of all of Alexandria Press' titles. Point your mouse over an image to see the title and author of the book, or click on it for full details.

Athos, the Holy Mountain

Philip Sherrard
Photos by Takis Zervoulakos Crown Jewels of Europe

Prince Michael of Greece Meisterwerke Muhammedanischer Kunst

F. Sarre and F.R. Martin (eds.) Tulips, Arabesques and Turbans

Y. Petsopoulos (ed.)
Contributors: G. Goodwin, J. Raby, J. Allan, J. Carswell, W. Denny, H. Lowry & E. Grube 100 Kilims,
Masterpieces from Anatolia

Yanni Petsopoulos
Commentary to the illustrations by Belkis Balpinar The Holy Mountain Today

Hieromonk Symeon Grigoriatis East Christian Art

Yanni Petsopoulos (ed.) Gold, Silver & Bronze from Mughal India

Mark Zebrowski Iznik,
the Pottery of Ottoman Turkey

Nurhan Atasoy and Julian Raby; ed. Yanni Petsopoulos Qur’ans of the Mamluks

David James Seas, Cities & Dreams
the Paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky

Gianni Caffiero and Ivan Samarine Soviet Commercial Design of the Twenties

Mikhail Anikst Icons,
the Triumph of Orthodoxy

John Stuart

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